The 3 Keys to Genital Dearmouring
For Reclaiming and Expanding Pleasure

How to bring safety within the nervous system, reclaim your body’s authentic sovereignty & empower your sexual autonomy. 

What is Genital Armouring?

Genital armour is a common experience in most bodies. It’s a form of self-protection - your body’s organic response to guard itself.

We may develop genital armour when there is

  • physical threat
  • emotional threat such as shaming
  • mental threat such as self-judgement
  • or instances involving all three, such as repeated instances of sexual activity before proper foreplay. 

The tissues and fascia holding onto chronic guarding patterns can lead to desensitization, discomfort, pain, tension, and numbness, until the armour is released.  

No matter what your experience has been, your body’s innate intelligence knows how to release the armour when you are supported in the right ways. 

In this live course, we explore the 3 keys to establishing a solid foundation for genital dearmouring to reclaim your body’s organic aliveness, connection and pleasure

  • First, how to bring safety within the nervous system - allowing the body to relish receiving touch.
  • Second, how to reclaim the body’s authentic sovereignty through its voice and choice.
  • Third, how to empower the body’s sexual autonomy through genital mapping.

The release of past guarding patterns from the tissues and fascia of the genitalia and pelvis restores sensitivity, aliveness, and your body’s organic healthy arousal & pleasure response. 

Hi I’m Rahi.

Somatic Sex Educator, Sexological Bodyworker, and creator of Somatic Sexual Wholeness

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For the past decade, I’ve been holding space to repair the ruptures affecting the safe embodiment of our sensual and sexual natures - from our developmental years, through adolescence, and into adulthood.  

Amongst the wide variety of issues I’ve addressed in one-on-one sessions with hundreds of clients, a vast majority of them have involved genital dearmouring - the release of chronic guarding patterns, unexpressed emotions, and unintegrated experiences within the tissues and fascia of the genitalia leading to a desensitization to organic arousal and pleasure responses in the body. 

I saw how pervasive a phenomenon this is for people of all ages and all walks of life.  I also realized how my approach developed organically - by combining areas of particular interest to me in serving my clients.  Many people need support and access to this work, beyond what I can offer in one private practice. I want you to be empowered with these tools and knowledge about the natural wisdom and wonder of your body, and be able to move at your own pace and from the comfort and privacy of your own home, anywhere in the world.

In this course you will ...

  • Restore your pleasure responses through an experiential, practical and effective approach
  • Address your whole being somatically via guided embodied meditations and video demos of genital mapping & dearmouring processes
  • Self-inquire into the conditioning that affects your adult sexual behaviours and patterns
  • Have access to me - realtime support through weekly live calls in a safe space and community

Course Structure


The Nervous System’s Sense of Safety for Receiving Touch

  • How your sexual responsiveness to pleasure is linked to the state of your nervous system
  • How unresolved issues and conflicts in relationships affect intimacy, arousal and pleasure states & receptivity
  • Explore and embody practices to down-regulate your nervous system inviting its receptivity to touch, arousal and pleasure before and during sexual intimacy
  • A guided somatic contemplation to provide a felt-sense of how the body opens up to or protects itself from emotions and sensations
  • Bonus Practice for partners to down-regulate their nervous systems before intimacy for greater pleasure, loving connection and openness.

Autonomy and Sovereignty of the Body’s Voice and Choice

  • Examine your own intimate relationship with your body.
  • Recondition your body's touch receptors to experience only what it desires.
  • Address unresolved traumas that your body is responding to unconsciously in relational intimacy.
  • Re-imprint your body’s voice with your desires and felt-sense experiences.
  • Explore your body’s 11 erogenous zones, either Solo or with a partner.

Genital Mapping

  • Identify, understand and feel what each genital anatomical erogenous zone is designed to elicit in order to take ownership of your body and pleasure.
  • Understand how past conditioning has influenced your views, acceptance, judgements and experiences of your genitalia.
  • Explore a deeper, more intimate and connected relationship with your genitalia.
  • Learn how to map your genital anatomy (for vulva and cock owners) solo or with a practice partner.

Genital Dearmouring

  • Experience the purpose and benefits of Genital Dearmouring
  • Understand each of the 4 Approaches to Genital Dearmouring
  • Explore how to combine Genital Mapping, Massage, and Dearmouring so it can be a pleasurable, connecting and healing experience for you
  • Understand how the dearmouring process mirrors your body’s nervous system down-regulation journey
  • Learn how to dearmour your genitalia (for vulva and cock owners) solo or with a practice partner
  • Explore guided self-dearmouring sessions
  • Advice about dearmouring with lovers, partners, erotic playmates and friends
  • How to Integrate after dearmouring sessions

What’s Included: 

  • Video demonstrations of how to dearmour chronic tense, guarding and holding patterns within the vulva, vagina, and penis.
  • Audio recordings of guided self-dearmouring sessions for both vulva and cock-owners.
  • Video demonstrations of genital mapping on a vulva, vagina, and penis, as well as self-mapping demos.
  • Video demonstrations of how to explore the 11 erogenous zones, either solo or with a partner. 
  • Six somatic contemplations to invite a felt-sense exploration of the principles covered in this course.
  • The 3 Keys to Genital Dearmouring Workbook exploring the experiences and influences of our developmental years that have informed how we relate to our genitalia, touch, intimacy, and embodied sexuality as adults.
  • Weekly Zoom Live Calls with Rahi to build upon and integrate the lessons of each module and have all of your questions answered.

Dates for Zoom Live Calls

{1} March 15 – 12 pm Pacific Standard Time
{2} March 22 – 12 pm Pacific Standard Time
{3} March 29 – 12 pm Pacific Standard Time
{4} April 5 – 12 pm Pacific Standard Time
{5} April 12 – 12 pm Pacific Standard Time


The 3 Keys to Genital Dearmouring
For Reclaiming and Expanding Pleasure

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