Restoring Our Sensual Nature

through Sexual Healing,
Plant Medicine &
Mother Earth


7-Day Retreat in Costa Rica 

An Interplay of Pelvic Dearmouring, Plant Medicine, and Eco-Sensuality

Explore sexual healing in the eco-sensual nature of Costa Rica¬†‚Äď guided by the wisdom of the Mother Plant, Ayahuasca.


In this 7-Day Immersion, we will explore how the body wants to release sexual armour, restore sensual embodiment, listen for how and what the Mother Plant wants to teach us, and integrate our sensual nature within the eco-sensuality of Costa Rica.  

What's the quality of listening available to us when our sexual embodiment and psyche are supported by Mother Earth's wisdom? 

How can sexual healing be supported
by the experiences of Mother Ayahuasca? 

What kind of expansive bridge in understanding and healing wisdom can we co-create by holding space for a cauldron of participants familiar with Plant Medicines and/or Somatic Sexual Healing?  

In these 7 days, you will experience...

  • How to down-regulate your nervous system into states of receptivity
  • How to re-wire your body's autonomy and agency with voice & choice
  • Genital Mapping - a somatic education of the erogenous anatomy for the vulva, vagina, penis and anus
  • Sexual Dearmouring - releasing unconscious guarding patterns primarily in the throat and pelvis affecting our organic sexual energy, independent of any psychedelic medicines
  • Sacred Ceremony with Ayahuasca ‚Ästindependent of any hands-on sexual bodywork - and facilitated at Tierra Retreat Center
  • Bodywork Integration in the eco-sensual nature of Costa Rica¬†
  • Synergy - one of Costa Rica's beautiful retreat centers¬†(link below) where none of our plant medicine facilitated experiences will take place in full respect of Synergy's non-profit status and mission

What is Sexual Dearmouring?

Sexual Dearmouring involves the release of unconscious chronic guarding patterns from the tissues and fascia of the body and genitalia storing unintegrated past emotions and experiences to restore the natural embodiment and flow of our sexual nature.  

Mother Ayahuasca responds to our intentions in mysterious and powerful ways. We fully trust and surrender to the wisdom of the Mother Plant, in knowing where and how to support the body, spirit and psyche in the sexual dearmouring journey.  There will be no psychedelic medicinal influences during the hands-on dearmouring bodywork days, as there will be no sexual bodywork on the day of our Ayahuasca Ceremony.  

Our Facilitators

Rahi Chun

Somatic Sex Educator, Sexological Bodyworker, and Creator of Somatic Sexual Wholeness 

SSW holds space for repairing the ruptures to our sexual embodiment sequentially, first addressing ruptures occurring during our developmental years, before restoring the body's agency for voicing boundaries & consent, then resolving armour in the pelvic bowl. 

Rahi has taught genital dearmouring for the Institute for the Study of Somatic Sex Education, the Latin American Congress of Sexologists and virtually through "The 3 Keys to Genital Dearmouring" online course. 

He has both a personal and professional interest in understanding the healing potential of plant medicines combined with sexological bodywork.

Dr. Jennifer Lang

OB/Gyn, Psychedelic Therapy & Research Specialist 

Jen received her medical education at Albert Einstein College of Medicine in New York, completed a residency in Obstetrics and Gynecology at St. Luke’s/Roosevelt Hospital Center of Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons in NYC, then fellowship in Gynecologic Oncology at UCLA. After graduating, she practiced as a board-certified ob-gyn and gynecologic oncologist, specializing in integrative and preventive medicine, minimally invasive and robotic surgery.

She has returned to clinical practice in Los Angeles, specializing in Systems Medicine, with a focus on perimenopause and menopause, preventive oncology and gender-affirming care for adults. 

She is the mother of three children, and lives in Los Angeles, California.

Kayt Pearl

BodyWorker, Musician, Vocal Artist

Kayt brings her foundational experience as a bodyworker, self-taught musician, vocalist, and teaching artist in service to the expansion of consciousness embodied.  

Her passion for connecting people more deeply to their soul through their soma is rooted in a broad background of clinical massage education, various studies in modalities of touch, core shamanism, performance study, and non-traditional training in mystic and occult systems.  The belief that she holds with her work is that the more we can understand our consciousness in connection to our Felt sense, the more capacity we create for healing. More capacity for healing means more love, and more love means a better condition for humanity.  

Currently focused on researching the impact of touch therapies when combined with psychedelic medicines, Kayt will be releasing her training program 'Intelligent Touch ~A guide for touch therapists working in the field of psychedelic medicine', in early 2024. 

She has been in full-time practice as a licensed touch therapist since 2004.

Susanne Roursgaard

Body-oriented Trauma & Psychotherapist, Sexologist specializing in sexual abuse, Couples & Family Counselor, certified TRE-Provider and former Midwife.

Over a period of 3 decades, Susanne developed her own trauma-informed, body-oriented modality called The Gaia Method, bringing all her educations, trainings and life experience together into a holistic way of working with people. The modality works with therapy, energy, sound, breath, and bodywork/touch - often in the form of a technique referred to as "soft de-armouring."

She is dedicated to bringing sexual healing and trauma release in the human body. Her passion is helping others to allow their body to feel freedom, safety, natural sensitivity and sexual pleasure again.  Working in ways that honor and respect the body's boundaries is of the utmost importance to her.

Susanne has worked with plant medicine in a therapeutic way for a decade with her ex-husband - bringing the healing from plant medicine and the healing from body therapy together.

Salimeh Tabrizi, M.A. 

Clinical Counselor, Intuitive Energy Worker, Plant Medicine Facilitator, Educator & Advocate 

Salimeh supports individuals before, during, and after sacred medicine journeys with Ayahuasca as they step into their soul path and mission. Salimeh is a founding board member of the Canadian Psychedelic Association and the founder and organizer of the Cannabis Hemp Conference and Expo. She is inspired by the co-evolutionary process between humans and entheogenic plants such as Ayahuasca, Cannabis, Psilocybin, Iboga and San Pedro.

She feels grateful to be part of the collective as humanity faces a pivotal point of ascension and has a chance and choice to remember, embody, and take inspired action from love and unity consciousness while anchoring responsibility for Earth-stewardship and protection.

Costa Rica Retreat

April 14-20, 2024

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Free Masterclass:

"How Can Genital Dearmouring be Supported by Ayahuasca + Q&A" with Jen, Kayt, Rahi, Salimeh and Susanne:  

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What To Expect

One-on-One Intake & Consultation 
  • Clarifying Intentions¬†¬†
  • Understanding your history of influences affecting your sexual embodiment
  • Answering any outstanding questions before our group zoom
 Group Zoom
  • Agreements for creating a safe container as a group
  • Preparing our bodies/nervous systems for the retreat
  • Sharing intentions¬†
  • Logistics and Overview of the Retreat
Attuning to Mother Nature & Our Own Nature
  • Welcome : Opening the Sacred Container¬†
  • Engaging¬†with the nature of Costa Rica
  • Supporting our nervous systems for receiving touch
  • Bioenergetic practices to attune to the energies of our own body and each other
Opening to Receive
  • Morning Yoga
  • Supporting the agency and authority for the body's voicing of boundaries and authentic desires for receiving touch with Bodywork
  • Understanding the nature of Sexual Armour and Dearmouring
  • Theory, Demo and Paired Practices for Vulva and Vaginal Mapping¬†
 Opening to More Receiving
  • Theory, Demo and Paired Practice for Penis mapping¬†
  • Theory, Demo and Paired Practice for Anal mapping
  • Theory, Demo and Paired Practices for Dearmouring the Throat
 Opening to Release
  • Theory, Demo and Paired Practice for Dearmouring the Genitalia¬†
  • Integration in Nature
 Receiving Mother Ayahuasca
  • Ayahuasca Ceremony
  • Integration with Self and as a Group

Attuning to Integration
  • Group Somatic Practice
  • Integrating in nature with or without bodywork¬†
  • Time and Space for Being, Journaling, Exploring your relationship of embodiment with nature
  • Receiving any follow up support desired via having a space held¬†
  • Being witnessed in your journey of discoveries, awarenesses and newfound somatic realizations
  • Being supported in integrating what's been received in your journey back home
  • Closing Our Sacred Circle¬†
Post-Retreat Integration
  • Supporting the integration¬†as you land back into your life
  • How to integrate¬†the body post-retreat
  • Instilling a practice for supporting your body's nature¬†

The Nature of the Practices

  • ¬†Most of the retreat practices are designed for participants to receive from each other in pairs.¬† As somatic and sexual ruptures often occurs relationally, repair can be most effective when¬†also experienced¬†relationally
  • Genital mapping and sexual dearmouring involve receiving guided touch in areas including the throat, pelvis and genitalia.¬† We will engage in the practices in ways that attune to the pace and sense of readiness of your body to receive touch.¬†¬†
  • Tuning into the full "yes" of your body will be paramount in healing and reclaiming your body's sense of agency and authority.¬† You will be encouraged and supported in making the most aligned choice for you.¬†¬†
  • There will be no psychedelic influences during the days of giving and receiving sexual dearmouring, as there will be no sexual bodywork on the day of the Ayahuasca ceremony.¬†¬†
  • In the post-Ayahuasca ceremony days, you will have a choice as to how your body feels best to integrate your journey - whether that involves receiving bodywork, being in nature, or engaging in both.¬†¬†
  • Please recognize the nature of both the somatic sexual dearmouring work, as well as inviting the Mother Plant, Ayahuasca, to support this process, and wisely assess whether your¬†soul's¬†journey has prepared you well for inviting such an experience of deep surrender.

Costa Rica Retreat

April 14-20, 2024


Our Retreat Space

We will gather at Synergy Retreat Center in Uvita, Costa Rica - cradled in high-vibrational energy, surrounded by magical mountainous rainforest. 

  • Meditation & lounge areas
  • Onsite pool & river for relaxation
  • Your choice of luxury accommodations¬†
  • In honor of Synergy's non-profit status and beautiful mission, no plant medicines will be facilitated on their premises.
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Restoring Our Sensual Nature

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