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The 3 Keys to Genital Dearmouring Self-Study

Congratulations on choosing to deepen your experience of your sexuality and embodied wholeness, and thank you for your trust in me as the content creator and curator for this journey.  

It's my intention to impart the most effective and practical principles, practices and processes for restoring and expanding the body's organic sensations, pleasure and aliveness. 

One of the main themes of the course is - not whether you've completed or experienced all of the course material, but rather, how you are being with, treating, loving, and accepting yourself and your relationship with your genitalia - as you digest and explore the course material.  

As you have chosen the self-study option, it's my hope that there is plenty of spaciousness for you to move at a pace that feels safe and good to your body, and making sure your body is in consent with every practice and exercise explored during the course.  

Many blessings for a magnificent self-exploration and reclamation journey,